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A Junction of Communication

The simplicity and effectiveness of creative ideas insure what we call Junction of Communication. It was our choice from the beginning and still remains, the offer of personal services in businesses that stand one step forward.

Today’s conditions demand perceptiveness, persistence, patience, creativeness and reversion to the fundamental, basic but at the same time simple approaches.
We use all the technological achievements but at the same time we know how to tie and untie the most delicate functional bends.
If you ¨bond¨ with us you will discover that indissoluble bonds with Junction of Communication will be created.

Tonic, a full house Advertising – Public Relations Agency, offers a full range of communication services.

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Simply and Effectively

We study your needs and suggest which is the best “Junction of Communication” for you. Now that all the factors of Market are being reset, it is a good chance to take a taste of Tonic!

Our Work


Because we have the benefits of a small agency:

  • Flexibility

  • Speed

  • Management Team’s involvement in all the steps of each project

  • Intense Creativity

  • Respect for our Clients’ “Communication Investment”

Along with the benefits of a large agency:

  • Personnel with extensive experience

  • Organisation

  • Team Work

  • In-depth knowledge of the Greek market

Tonic’s Strong points are:

  • Creativity and Strategic Thinking

  • Respect for our Clients and their “Communication Investment”

  • Passion for our job

Our Commitment is:

To be your most valuable business associates, achieving immediate results in the communication boost of your company image, and therefore contributing to its further development.

Our Services


Logo Design

Web Design

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Promotion

Print Design Services

PPC Advertising

Content Marketing

Public Relations Programs

Communication Strategy

Media Strategy and Programming

Organizing and Managing Corporate Events

Promotion programs

Social Media Marketing

SEO & Online Marketing

Content Awareness Marketing

Program Development Relations with customers(B2B)

Corporate Identity Creation

Create Packaging

Digital Production


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